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The first step is to do a complete research on the different types of strollers that are available in the market. Check the features of the strollers and see which one fits the needs of a new born the best. The research will also help you to know about the most reputed stroller manufacturers. You should buy a high quality stroller that will provide complete safety for your little one. You will also have a fair idea about the prices of the strollers. Strollers are available in a huge range of prices that you could choose from. Knowing all these factors is important before you spend on
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a good stroller.

Adjustable seat or pram
When shopping for a stroller for a new born you should look for something that has adjustable seat. A new born baby will not be able to sit and will spend his time in the stroller lying. Therefore, the seat should be adjustable to provide adequate support to the baby. Buying a pram is also a good idea because it is designed for new born babies and provides a lot of support.

Your baby’s safety is of utmost priority. Therefore, while shopping for the stroller you must consider it’s safely level. The frame of the stroller should securely lock into position. Check the seat belt on the stroller carefully. It should have a five point harness that will help secure the baby completely. Also check the brakes of the stroller before you buy them. the brakes should be quick and effective. Also you have to focus on a best baby stroller fan what can keep your baby cool in the hot weather.

Handle height
It is important to check the height of the handle of the stroller. If the height is too low then you will have to bend while pushing the stroller which is very uncomfortable. This could cause you back pain especially being a new mother.

The fabric should be washable
The fabric of the stroller should be washable. If you have a new born baby then you might need to clean the stroller often. Therefore, it is good to have a removable and washable fabric.

The best stroller for newborn babies should have good storage options as well. You should be able to store the diaper bag and other important items in it.